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“After converting our Hardware store to Ace we realized that the Ace products were better than what we got from our previous supplier. We looked at things in a very detailed manner and just about in every case the products were better.”

“In convenience, Ace Hardware is light years ahead of everybody. Things that other distributors are just thinking about we’ve been doing for years and doing it successfully and now we’re onto the next wave. It’s as if Ace is breaking down barriers that nobody else even thought of. Now we are collaborating with Craftsman and it just doesn’t seem to stop. Ace is an amazing company and we just love it and I’m very proud to be a part of it.”"

Charlie Bernard
Bernard’s Ace Hardware
Lowell, MI

“The cost of goods at Ace is lower than our previous supplier, which is wonderful because it has made us more money. In just the first six months after converting our store to Ace our sales were up 13%.”

Barry and Joyce Spain
Petersburg, VA


“I converted my Ace store to another supplier. After a year and a half, I went back to Ace. When I put the Ace logo back up, I really felt people coming back to me. It’s not only the brand. The ads work. Our promotions and events, especially the national events, gain a lot of footsteps.  I’m glad I made the journey; it was an eye-opener what we were missing by not being with Ace.  I’m glad I’m back.”

Dan Altwarg
Oakland, CA