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“The day the Ace sign went up; our business went up 15% overnight. We saw new faces coming in the door. The product selection/Discovery sets added a lot of new items to our existing inventory and really rounded out our product offering. There were categories of products that I never would have added that are actually selling very well. The Ace private brands are very well received and there are a number of customers that prefer them. There are a lot of Ace Rewards customers that are now shopping at our store and they are eagerly waiting for us to get the program installed. The Craftsman brand added value to the products as well. The changeover crew did a fantastic job of resetting our store and keeping us in business during the process. Ace shipping accuracy and fill rates have been very good. We can’t wait to change our 2 store over to Ace later this year.”

Mickey Powers – former True Value retailer
Richmond, TX


“The transition brought several things to the table that we had never fully appreciated, most notably the strength of the Ace brand and the longevity of the 20/20 vision. We have people seek out our store because of the Ace brand and by implementing the vision, our customer service and business process have improved tremendously. Product is product but how it is offered and supported is all of the difference with Ace.”

Jim Byrum – former True Value retailer
Charlotte, MI


“Since switching to Ace and remodeling our store, sales are up over 50% in 2016 to the same 4-month period one year ago. This is attributed to the power of the Ace Brand and advertising, coupled with Ace training and a better assortment of product.”

Steve Guernsey – former Do It Best retailer
Brazil, IN


“I switched to Ace in 2012, and couldn’t be happier.  I have subsequently purchased 2 additional locations, and today operate 3 Ace stores.  Prior to moving my business to Ace my previous affiliation had flat lined on growth, and I was looking to grow both my business and bottom line.  By joining Ace, I have seen a 10% reduction in wholesale cost of goods, and a 3-point increase in my margin. That was big, as it was a total gain of margin dollars to my bottom-line. The Ace advertising program drives footsteps into my store, which we weren’t experiencing with our previous wholesaler.   Not only were our print flyers a lot more effective, but Ace’s national advertising program has built a real image with the consumers that can’t be denied.”

Perry Hahn – former True Value retailer
Hartford, WI


“Our customers were very loyal, but we found we weren’t bringing new customers through the door. Amazingly enough, just changing the sign on the building brought with it new, younger customers. We are in awe of the number of customers that approach us and say they are glad we are Ace and will shop here more! Branding is the name of the game. Ace is the place!”

Sandy Kingsland – former True Value retailer
Grand Rapids, MI


“Brand recognition is more than I imagined possible, sales are double digit increase every year. The access to education for our staff is powerful. The rewards program is another favorite. Our customers love it! Bottom line, I am proud to wake up every day and say I am an Ace Hardware store owner.”

Melissa Wade – former True Value retailer
Annapolis, MD


“Ace has brought new life to our stores and made it so much easier and profitable to do business. We now deal with people who have a passion for the business and honestly care about our day to day and our long term success.”

John Price – former True Value retailer
Chestertown, MD


“Ace did a great job of making us aware of the programs that they had that might help us make our store better. We ended up talking with True Value and Orgill as well. We were still not sure about the change and asked two independent outside consultants to look over all the proposals and tell us what they thought. They both indicated that they felt the Ace proposal was the best. With that information, we went with our district manager, Dean Corley and looked at a new store that was just completed. We were very impressed, with both the store and with Dean Corley. Ace’s plan for the store and the remodel was far superior to any other proposal in our opinion.”

Ginger Estes – former Do It Best retailer
Cadiz, KY


“Being a True Value Store for over 30 years, making the decision to move to Ace was a tough one. The conversion project is huge and overwhelming but Ace really does do everything possible to make it go well and professionally. That being said, it was the best business decision I’ve ever made! 6 months in we are seeing monthly sales increases of 15-22%! Ace is the Place.”

Rich Ross – former True Value retailer
Ridgeway, PA


“Since moving to Ace, our store sets have improved. Our marketing and advertising have created excitement, resulting in a sales increase in all stores.”

Jim Zyrowski – former Do It Best retailer
Brown City, MI


“We decided to switch from Do It Best to Ace for a few reasons. First, the advertising was on a national level and we believed it would drive traffic of new customers that we could retain them on a daily basis. Second, the fact that Ace as a Brand was nationally recognized was a huge benefit in our eyes. When brand new people moved into our neighborhood they sought out their neighborhood Ace.”

Jeff Craig – former Do It Best retailer
Palmyra, VA