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Convert Your Business to Ace, the customer’s place

You know the difficulties of operating your own business – the delays, the unbudgeted expenses. With our process converting your hardware store to an Ace store is not starting over. When you join Ace, we’re with you for every step of the hardware business conversion process. Learn more about Ace’s training and support.

Being a part of the Ace family has its distinct advantages― shared innovations, corporate marketing insight and state-of-the-art retailing design, to name a few. You’ll be backed by national media advertising, proven business models and a corporate culture that is driven by service and innovation.

Each hardware business conversion is unique and we customize the plan around your individual needs. Our dedicated staff will have meetings with you to set goals and timelines. Before converting your store, we deliver everything you need to have your business running with as little interruption as possible.

The 7 Steps of Converting with Ace

Below is a glimpse of the Ace conversion process. The order of events can vary from project to project based on each individual’s needs, but this shows that with Ace, you’re in the right place.

1. Request a call from a Conversion Specialist
2. Consultation, Project Planning, and Agreement
3. Application
4. Convert computer, products, signs and bin tags
5. Training/Orientation
6. Advertising Plan
7. Grand Reopening