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Is Ace a public company?

As a retailer-owned cooperative, Ace Hardware is wholly owned by its independently operated store owners. No shares of stock in the corporation are publicly traded. Rather, when retailers affiliate with Ace, they purchase shares of company stock, which gives them voting rights in the cooperative. This is their investment in the company.

How is a cooperative different from a franchise?

Unlike a franchise, which has a certain amount of control over its members’ participation in promotions, product offerings, policies and operating standards, at Ace, the individual retailer ultimately has the authority to set the operating standards and overall business processes for his or her establishment.

Where are Ace stores located?

There are currently more than 4,900 Ace stores in all 50 states and U.S. territories, and more than 60 countries on six continents. Visit our store locator to find your closest Ace store.

How many people are employed by Ace?

Ace Hardware’s more than 4,900 retail stores are independently-owned, each with its own staff. There are approximately 80,000 store associates employed by Ace retailers.

About 900 team members are employed at Ace Hardware’s corporate headquarters, located in Oak Brook. Additionally, about 4,000 team members work at Ace’s distribution and manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S.

Does Ace Hardware donate funds or products for charitable causes?

To discuss charitable giving on a regional or local basis, contact an Ace retailer in your area directly.

The Ace Hardware Foundation serves as an umbrella over the charitable efforts of Ace Hardware Corporation, retailers and vendor partners for the benefit of Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) and the American Red Cross. Learn more about these efforts in our Community Involvement section.

Whom should I contact about selling products to Ace Hardware Corporation?

Contact Ace’s merchandising department via mail:

Ace Hardware Corporation
Ace Hardware Care Center
2200 Kensington Ct.
Oak Brook, IL 60523-2100

Does Ace have a Board of Directors?

Ace’s Board of Directors establishes guidelines for Ace management. There are between nine to 12 director positions with a minimum of nine retailer directors and a maximum of two non-retailer directors. Geographic regions are established for representation by retailer directors and retailer directors at-large may be elected when all regions are represented. Members of the Board meet several times a year, both as a collective group and with the Ace management team.