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Ace Hardware Business Opportunity Offers Convenience and Service – The Tools For Success

One of the top questions asked by prospective owners like you is how does Ace Hardware compete against the big box stores. Each Ace Hardware store competes differently depending on their situation. In most cases Ace stores are able to compete with big boxes by offering a convenient hardware store experience with exceptional service.

While the big box stores focus on large-scale home improvement, Ace Hardware stores focus on convenience hardware which involves preserving the home not renovating it. Convenience and friendly service from knowledgeable employees are what make Ace Hardware stores stand-out in the marketplace, and create a successful business opportunity for you.

For Ace Hardware owners, it’s all about relevant differentiation. We compete alongside the big boxes by delivering on what they can’t.

  • Easy to get in an out shopping experience
  • Most Convenient locations
  • Friendly and knowledgeable store personal
  • Most knowledgeable store personnel
  • Fastest checkout

More importantly, it’s the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of the retailer owner who lives in the community they serve that creates a business opportunity with an environment that no big box store can duplicate.

Ace Hardware – A rock solid foundation and a fad proof business opportunity
When you invest in Ace Hardware, you are not investing in a fad that will be here today and gone tomorrow. Ace Hardware retailers have been operating successfully for over 90 years.

In tough economic times, the customer demand for large-scale home improvement diminishes; however, the need for basic fix and repair goods delivered by knowledgeable associates in convenient locations does not. As a result, Ace Hardware even outpaced the big boxes in same store sales in 2013.